Here are some of my articles translated in English thanks to the help of lovely people 🙂

Every time…

Every time is a beautiful introduction which should initiate many of your potential clients’ descriptions. “Every time” is a very pleasant formula that teaches us several very useful things

Name the enemy. The role of the design challenge.

Do not neglect the role of your Enemy. Identify it. Name it. Make it visible and invite all people of good will to help you build a different world. A world where these problems won’t exist anymore.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

How are you supposed to know what you want to accomplish in life ?
How should you select your very first job ?
Which tools and actions will help you to identify your career path and follow it ?

Working as an independent designer, helping my clients create new products and services, I discovered that many design principles can be used in order to build your professional life.

Why you should love your competitors

At this very moment, how many people around the world are actively looking for a solution to the same problem you have been trying to address? I hope for you that there are many of them.

Amazon’s Second Website

Next time you are buying on Amazon. I want you to notice something. I want you to notice that the moment you hit the « Proceed to cart » button, it becomes impossible to add a new item to your cart. That’s because, once you hit that « Proceed to cart » button, you are not even on Amazon’s website anymore.