Every time…

This article has been publicated originally on my blog, and kindly translated in English by Florence Zettel. A big thank you to her for her time and efforts.

Every time is a beautiful introduction which should initiate many of your potential clients’ descriptions :

Every time the boss of my client asks him to…
Every time my client needs to reduce the size of his garden’s lawn…
Every time he needs to fulfil and send his income tax return, my client…

“Every time” is a very pleasant formula that teaches us several very useful things :

  • Your client’s action is motivated by a precise context.

Your client probably doesn’t care about you or your offer.

Like all of us, it is the resolution of an external problem occurring in his life that leads him to look for a new potential solution.

Before this situation occurred into his life, your client was blind to what you were offering, because he didn’t know he needed to resolve this problem yet.

  • Your client’s approach is triggered by a situation that can’t last. He needs to generate a positive change.

Your client didn’t necessarily decide to look for a solution at this precise time… but he might not have the choice.

A new imperative just came out, a problem that can’t be avoided. Therefore, looking for a solution becomes a priority for a while, and you have an opportunity to break into his life, if you are the right solution for him.

  • Today, your client is already doing something to solve this problem.

Your client is really concerned by the manifestations of the problem to be solved. It is no about wishful thinking or things that he is supposed to do but does not.

The evidence ? You tracked his personal process and you know which unsatisfying solution he is using today, and according to which evaluative criterions he selected this current solution in the past.

  • Your client will evaluate your offer by establishing if it solves or not his initial problem.

Your client won’t be receptive to all the kinds of argumentation that you will choose to use with him regarding your offer.

However, if the evaluative criteria that you choose to spotlight resonate with his own way to measure if the targeted change is reached thanks to you, then he will understand the value of the offer for him.

  • Your client is the child of his habits.

“Every time” implies the regularity of the problem your client is facing.

This is interesting if you aim to develop a commercial offering, but it also means that your client already chose what solution to use when the problem occurs. This is worse: this regular usage might have become a habit in his existence.

To convince your client to give a chance to your solution, and thus stopping this habit, you will have to demonstrate how your offering enables him to avoid the main challenges faced today when he uses the current solution, and how your offer enables him to maximize the benefits he’s looking for.

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